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1st. version / December 10th 2001 ( 2nd. version / June 25th 2003 (current domain). 3rd. version (this one) was started November 1st. 2004, and then work, kids and other obstructing things delayed it, to it's release Oktober 5th. 2007.
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: A big thank you goes to the following people for their contributions to the site or other appreciated efforts:

David Beevers for making the contact to the band, giving me the opportunity to do work for them. Simon D. Watson for giving me the opportunity to make stuff and also some great experiences. David Cooper for input regarding the discography (1st. and 2nd. edition) + sending me scanned material. Michiel Van Bokhorst for letting me in on the 'Love Me Madly?' project. Sean Turner for input regarding the biography (2003 edition) + a great web site, where I nicked a few things. Daniel Clein for contributing the original discography (2001-2003 edition). Antony Briggs for the huge amount of scans. Robert Clarke for extensive amounts of scans, images and videos. Joseph Carroll for info and scans of rare releases. Andy Mac Giolla Eoin for his huge work on the Wikipedia articles. Robert Windle for his extensive work on League-online - a site I usually check for updates + of course stealing photos and text, if anything else fails. Niels Kolling for constructive critisism and just for being my closest League friend. The Massive, being the regular nutters on the messageboard, and of course a big thank you to the band for just being.

Why a Danish site in English? Firstly the domain was free, and secondly because I only know of 3 Human League fans in the entire country!

I am a 44 years old guy from Denmark (a small musically wasteland in Europe). I have been a fan since I heard the album 'Dare!' for the first time just after it's release. I spent most of my time either working (marketing) or with my family. Music, Football and wasting alot of my life in front of my computer, are among my interest. For more info, check It is a gallery site, which I will keep updating.

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