Gallery Official artwork 2008 Steel City Tour:
"Sheffield Steel Tour" or "Steel City Tour" was an idea to which they needed a tour poster. This was followed by a mail containing various Russian propaganda poster pictures from the 1950's. "Can you make something out of this?" Simon Watson, the manager, asked me.

I love when there is a theme that spawns heaps of ideas in my head. Alot of construction designs emerged, and I had a great little software which I got a few years ago, and figured it could be handy at one point. What it does, is that it randomly generates very messy pictures, full of colourful elements. These elements looked like construction bits and pieces. Now, as it was made for website backgrounds (flash), it couldn't easily transform to hi-res printing, so I had to lift out the various elements, and trace them, to get an outline vector based version. Then I had to align each, as the lines weren't as I wanted it. Adding to that, I found alot of mechanic/industry vector graphics, such as gears, chimneys and cranes.

Messing around with various tour poster designs, it was decided to use band logo's instead of the typeface used. First I got the Heaven 17 'Endless' logo in poor resolution. A few postcards and posters and magazine/newspaper ads used this, but it was luckily changed to what I proposed - the original 'Luxury Gap' logo to give it balance.... well, almost original, as I had to redraw it from scratch. Did the same with the ABC logo - alot of measuring etc., but I need a fully vectorbased logo to play around with! :-)

The designs in black and red were forwarded, and a few changes were made, before they were approved. I can tell you the size of the individual band logos were an issue! However, I did learn that the running order of bands, is often the opposite as on the bill. I also learned that what I originally suggested, was really messy, but with a push here and there, from the manager, it suddenly all looked much better - and perhaps most importantly catchy for the eye.

Tour programme
All the elements from the tour poster, was thrown into a one of my templates. I recieved the photo session CD, containing 240 various pictures!! It was fantastic going through them all - also hard to choose, but decided to wait with choosing until I knew what was to be on each page - this is usually the most painful, as it has to have some sort of direction and balance through the programme.

Out of the blue, came an opportunity. A power plant close by, opened their doors for the public, to celebrate their anniversary - meaning lots of noisy kids with baloons, BUT also an opportunity to take some photos - I took a few, and 4 of them are used as backdrops in the programme.

Almost every time, I'm nervous about the text part. What is there to write, that haven't already been written? A edited version of an older Simon Price text were used for the THL part, and texts were provided from H17 and ABC. I always add a discography, purely because I bet the random concert goer, may not even know half the releases, and hopefully will be tempted get some of the stuff - beside, that's what I want to read in programmes for other bands.

Made some icons for my company, and liked them, so I used them again on every page - the idea was something like this:

  Stars       Steel       Music       Band     Members    Page

Pages: 20
Size: 240 mm x 340 mm.
Paper: heavy hi-quality glossy.

Fan photo credit: Richard Price

I got some info about the amount they wanted to do - less than last year, as also H17/ABC were on sale. They wanted a tour t-shirt with all bands, so that was just basically the tour poster, plus I did one with a picture and one with the gear...or to put it another way - one for younger people and one for old people like myself! This year around, my good friend Niels, who also runs a League site, had a saying in the picking of what was to be sold. He has several times pleaded for a worker shirt (se above - re: older people), over the years, and if there ever was a reason to make one - this surely was the one. Simon was in doubt - I could sense it, but it was approved and Firebrand went with it...."If this doesn't sell, I'll dump the load on your doorstep" was the message to Niels...

Other than that, two mugs one black and one red was produced.




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