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A rather broad collection of various weird images/designs or whatever you will call it. These are mostly done for fun - they were uploaded to the Secrets Forum, and it was great getting response from fellow fans, and please note that some of them won't make sense, unless you know the person or issue from the board. Enjoy!


Never mind...

I love you Phillip Morris

Deer Hunter

Betty Blue


Tattoo Jolie

Sex & The Steel City

School Of Rock

About Schmidt

Starling Darling

"It's not personal. It's business"

Little Helper

Balloon Girl


Calwin  & Hobbs

Oompa Oakey

"Come on baby, light my fire.."

Secrets Revealed

The Law

Sensible Work



Tour De League


Soundcheck - Southpark

Dare Darling


Good Morning, Elle!

Thou Shall Not Synth

American Gothic

Do I buy A Ticket?

Strong Man Nic

Oakey & The Music Factory

New Heroes In Town

Love Me Monkey?


Old League Fan

Chemical League

Winter Is Approaching

As Big As A Wall

Vince Clarke

Criss Cross

Unidentified Fan Obsessive

Penguin Backdrop

T-Shirts In All Sizes

DVD Editing Room

The Jet Pack

"One For The Money.."

Fan Magazine

League Geek

Last Round

I'm Only Huuuuman!

The Extra Gear


Amen To That, Brother!

Musical Guidance

Magical Gig

Ho Ho Hoakey

THL Bord Moderation

New Line



Knickers Merchandise

Can I Call A Friend?


Fountain Girls

Can He Sing It?

Che Guevara

Lego Ego

Sidekick Shaffer

Chat Room Pals

The Smelly Edition


Longlasting Music


Very Best Of JJ

Meat Beat

Boosting Army Morale

Motion Picture Classic

I Scream And Scream Again

Tour Ready!

Love Makes You Blinds

Oakley Fashion

Where Do I Put This?

A New Fragrance

Where's Oakey?

Rococco Style

Classic Car

Synth City Game Boy

Self-promoting Dane Alert

South Secrets Park

Staff Meeting

Star Wars

Hours Of Fun

Turn On The Light

Time Warp

Turner / Garland

Travelogue 2

The Formula!


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