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After doing a wallpaper, which found it's way to the band's manager, Simon Watson - I was asked if they could use it for the 2003 tour programme. It ended up with me doing the whole programme. I was a nervous wreck and very much confused about how to approach it. The release of 'The Very Best Of' CD compilation of hits, and the first ever DVD collection of their videos, was the inspiration for the front. I wanted to use their latest logo type for the band name, but now attached with a "the" in front. The three boxes became a theme going through the programme - it sort of goes again in everything I do, as it's a simple way of connecting subjects, pages and photos - and still get the League feel to it, as you recognize them, even if their faces aren't within them.

Pages: 20
Size: 240 mm x 340 mm.
Paper: heavy hi-quality glossy.

Apart from artwork and photos, the programme included a text written by Simon Price, and it had this intro:

"When You're In Love, You Know You're In Love"
In my case, it was Thursday 30th April 1981. I was a bored 13 year old, watching 'Top Of The Pops' with disinterest, when my attention was annexed by a man with a hairstyle like a half-drawn curtain, two girls next door, well they were if you lived on the coolest street in Britain, and two guys standing sullenly behind synthesizers. In the background two audacious reel-to-reel tape machines whirred provocatively away producing a brutal, pounding robobeat, throw in some intriguingly encoded lyrics, “Put your hand in a party wave, pass around/Make a  shroud pulling combs through a backwash frame...” and The Human League were my new obsession.

Other credits included Michiel Van Bokhorst and Steve Adam for live photos.

Merchandise sold during the tour - and highly unauthorized the 'Love Me Madly?' single got promoted at one gig.

A page from the programme - I love this live picture taken by Michiel Van Bokhorst.











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