Gallery Official artwork 2007 Dare! Tour:
The theme this time around was given. I was told that the album Dare! would be played in it's entirety, and the whole stage setup etc. would fit the Dare-theme. I dusted off my vinyl versions of the album, and in short - it's simple - on the brink of being boring - but as fans know, that was the whole idea - to keep it timeless. I was also told that Philip Oakey wanted the programme to be simple, so that kind of put a few restrictions on what to do.

The innersleeve on the original album, is divided in four squares, and I decided to use that as a line within the programme - making it "album" square, was of course also a must - not only to keep in faith with the Dare album, but also to do something new. The sacred logo got yet a new brush over, and I tried matching the original colours from the album. Of those three album version, and two CD versions I have, I learned that there is a slight colour variation in the blue logo colour and the pink Dare!, on all 5 items! anyway, I tried to find compromising colours - so it ended up being a tiny bit deeper blue on the THL logo, and a tiny bit stronger pink on the Dare! title....(are you still awake?)

As it were, I couldn't get my hands on new photos - oh, I begged...and begged. It was decided to use old photos, and I recieved a package with transparencies photos from various periods - lot's of them - images I had never seen before, mixed with well-known photos from various magazines (now with no text upon them :-)))) - anyway, I decided to use only but a few, as they had to come from around 1981.

Content: a marvellous text by Simon Price, which were placed in the programme in the last second, delaying the printing in a way so it wasn't on sale during the first two gigs.

At an early stage, I was unsure about what to put in the programme. For the first time I knew what was going be played beforehand, so I decided to add all the lyrics from Dare! I envisioned people not knowing the lyric, would read up from the programme during the gig....well, I did! I also wanted to make a backdrop to each song, which gave me a headache + alot of re-listnings, and trying to remember what Oakey may or may not have said about each song during time. I find it a bit funny that Philip once said that 'Do or Die' was based on the movie Carrie featuring Sissy Spacek - no problem - a photo was found....and then Philip tell us the song is about being sexy - Sissy Spacek is everything BUT sexy!

I liked the idea of a new intrepretation of each single-sleeve - only using graphical elements and no photos - it may look fairly simple, but it took hours in measuring and matching up colours etc.

Finally I flicked through the 450 photos I took last year, and picked a few of the good ones (and there were only a few good ones!!).

About a week before the first gig, I finished, and it was handed (uploading a 200 MB prepress PDF!) over to Firebrand Ltd. who also produces all the various merchandise items - I was asked for suggestions, and a combination with those of Firebrand's, ended up being sold throughout the tour.

Pages: 24
Size: 280 mm x 280 mm.
Paper: heavy hi-quality glossy.

The faces from the Dare sleeve used both on the huge curtain and projections on stage, holds a story of their own. Seems that both Oakey and Virgin tried to get hold of the original Brian Aris photos, but without success - rumour has it Philip were on his attic crawling around for the original artwork (cromalin), but sadly it was not to be found. I did a hi-resolution scan of all the faces, which again, were given the Photoshop treatment - took hours to remove grains, colour correction etc. They ended up being 35 MB each - hell of a time to upload - really boring info - but there you go :D

On the first few PDF previews forwarded to the manager, I had put in a X 2008 (STUDIO ALBUM) in the discography section.....not a I removed it! :-)

I had a talk with their visual guy (Rob Sinclair), and I suggested them using some of Adrian Wrights old slides. One thing is suggesting them, another is to actually find usable ones. I did try to obtain them through people who I knew have the original Dare Tour programme, but due to time issues and other things, I ended up using every trick in Photoshop to enhance the low-resolution versions I have. Really happy to see that Rob actually used them during the 2007 tour....even if I was the only one noticing it.

I don't think there has ever been so many different merchandise items - a whole bunch of t-shirts with various logos and colours. The programme, a black fleece, a mug, a winter hat, a bag, a key ring, and hot pants!

I day - my arse will fit those hot pants.....



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