Gallery Official artwork 2012 XXXV Tour:
Celebrating 35 years in the music business, the band would like to use that as a theme. I got a rough image made by Philip Oakey with the huge XXXV lettering across an image.

First thing was to design a tour poster. So using the newest THL logo would be obvious, and adding to that, a suitable band photo. I spent a few hours cutting out the band from the background. Noticed Joanne's ear ring was swinging a bit, so I aligned that... :-). The various elements (THL logo, band photo, and the XXXV logo) were shipped to management and distributed to the various promoters, ending up as tour posters and also various ads - they did change it slightly, but be that as it may ;-)- 

Tour programme
Having the cover already sorted, I went on doing the tour programme. I was to use the photos from the Credo photo shoot, and as I didn't (and still don't) have the typeface for the logo/title, I made the XXXV by converting some of the letters I made for the band logo and album title. As to an overall theme, I decided to use the lightning beams as seen in some of the photos from the session.

First time I made the whole programme in inDesign, but really straight forward from there - loads of new photos thrown in with various design elements being fictive lighning beams, and a wonderful and funny text written by Vic Reeves. Being an anniversary tour, I couldn't resist going back using the backdrop with their various band-logo's over time + an updated version of the family tree.

It was nice also for the first time (for me) to add a new album + a number of new official websites in the programme. The back was a silhouette version of the front, and this ended up as a seperate merchandise item.

Pages: 24
Size: 250 mm x 350 mm.
Paper: heavy hi-quality matte.

Fan photo credit: Richard Price

Besides the tour programme, I made a few suggestions to t-shirt designs, which were produced + a few other things the new merchandise company came up with. So in 2012 the packet of merchandise consisted of: Tour programme, a tote bag, a fleece, 4 different t-shirts, a signed lithogramme, a pocket mirror...and the Credo album (in some cases signed).




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