Gallery Official artwork 2006 Tour Material:
A return to the best League logo ever - the Dare! logo. I was very thrilled when they accepted me using it, as it's a holy grail for many - including me.

This year around I begged and begged for a Q & A with the band - based on fan questions. Finally I got the 'go', and after posting on a few boards - I recieved around 126 great questions, which all were reduced to a suitable number per band member (all 6). I got some darn good answers from them all, and that made this programme particularly interesting, from a fan point of view.

As to images, I found myself surrounded by semi-professional photographers - namely the fans - they get close, and they take alot of photos. I was deeply impressed with the amount of great photos - not to mention the high quality of them. Finally I spiced up the info material with a Timeline - with help from my friend Niels and his geeky website

Pages: 20
Size: 240 mm x 340 mm.
Paper: heavy hi-quality glossy.

Fan photo credits included: Steen Heilmann, Marcel
Meulstee, Will Scott, Stephen Barrett, Benno Vandevelde,
T. Van Nunnery.

The centerspread was a nightmare to do - I wanted to produce a messy collage of all things related to the band - so I found all my crap - threw it on the floor - arranged it - and took perhaps 70 photos, from various positions - 2 photos were worth using! A small tip - take a photo like this from the opposite side, and turn it 180 degrees afterwards!

Other than the programme, mugs, t-shirts, a fleece + badges were produced with the THL logo and/or the faces.

I made this suggestion, and everyone hated it! I still think people are too narrowminded! Disregard it as tour merchanise - but as a "fashion item" it would be cool to do - still thinking of making one for myself!



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